Where do you build?

High End GCS covers the entire state of Oregon and will be licensed in Washington early in 2017.

How long will it take to build my greenhouse?

For a basic 30’X96’ greenhouse, it typically take 4-5 days to complete depending on the amount of grading needed, soil conditions, and weather permitting.  For more complex installations with concrete pads. light deprivation systems, advanced environmental control systems, heating, irrigation, lighting, benches, etc…, it can take as much as 2-3 weeks or more.  We will provide a detailed timeline in our bid for you.

Can I use solar or other energy sources with my greenhouse?

Absolutely.  We can work with you to maximize your energy efficiency and help choose and install solar and other energy solutions.  We can also help you choose the right design for your greenhouse to qualify for incentives to lower the cost of your greenhouse and save money on energy.


What types of greenhouses do you build?

High End GCS works with many of the major manufacturers of greenhouses to help build the right greenhouse for your specific needs.  From basic gothic arch with single-poly cover to full light deprivation systems and larger gutter-connect greenhouses, we have the experience and capabilities to get your operation up and running.