Custom Greenhouse Construction

We know that “out of the box” greenhouse construction solutions don’t fit every time. That’s why our process entails a deep-dive into the needs of your operation, combined with our broad knowledge of industry standards and best practices.

The result? A successfully built greenhouse that will be the platform for your success, whether you’re utilizing the latest industry innovations and using the best technology available or working on a tight budget to begin.

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Energy management consulting


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Professional Greenhouse Construction

At High End GCS we take pride in building the right space for your business. From large gutter connect systems to light deprivation systems to smaller hoop house designs, if your business is Growing, our custom greenhouse construction experts can help it start or expand.

Excavation and Commercial Construction

High End does more than just greenhouses – we take the same, quality approach to excavation and custom commercial construction jobs, too.  Get in touch with us to find out more.

Energy Management

Energy usage can be a major part of your operational costs and good stewardship of your resources is always a great idea.  That’s why we’re happy to help you optimize the energy use for your grow operation through energy efficiency and renewable energy integration.  With our help, you can lower your energy costs, utilize renewable energy and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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